Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dante's Inferno Live Action Movie Unlikely

Despite apparent interest from producers, a live-action movie of Dante's Inferno probably isn't going to happen. That's according to Visceral’s Jonathan Knight who says the character of Dante just isn't likeable enough to be a hero in a movie:
“Our version of Dante is a dark, troubled character. At the beginning of the game, he’s fairly unlikeable. He’s done a lot of bad things [and] there’s a lot about him to not like for sure. I think that’s something you could only do in a game."

“If our Dante was up on the big screen in a movie exactly as he is in the game, I’m not sure you would make that journey with him."

“He does have redeeming qualities, and he does truly love this woman [but] our goal was to basically make a character that seems like he has it coming to him in the beginning of the game, but by the end of the game you feel different about him."

“What’s cool about it is that he’s you, and you’re on the journey as a gamer so you can’t help but enjoy doing the things that he’s doing. But is he a role model? Probably not.”


Anonymous said...

... lame... first off people love a character with a rough past... look @ the wolverine movie... he was a killer, a destroyer, he had alot of things people wouldn't like about him, and that's what attracts people, everyone loves a badass and that is what dante is. thats why people go see saw, u kno its something u wont like, theres gonna be alot of nasty scenes, blood, gore, and u probably dont wanna meet jigsaw... but u still are attracted to that dark part of the movie. without a dark part in a movie there would be no such thing as a climax, it would just be happy fluffy bunnies all the way through... and im no fan of happy fluffy bunnies. this is something that should be express on the big screen in a live action movie. u can already depend on the fans of the game 2 watch it, and probably the fans of god of war cuz they are very similar, and then there are gonna be the people just fascinated with hell itself, the people who love a good romance, theres many reasons people would see this... so dont go talkin bout "he's just a character people dont like" cuz EVERYONE loves a badass... oh, and i 4got scarface, best badass movie ever. and take this into thinking... if we never got 2 see movies on all the bad that happens 2 others and the sins they commit... then we wouldn't see the good in our lives. knowing some-1 else is suffering worse is what helps us get through things.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, if they were to base a live action version of Dante's Inferno on the recently released animated movie, it would definitely draw a crowd. That movie was just too kickass for somebody to not wanna watch it. DO IT!

Anonymous said...

I think if it remains faithful to the source material (that being the vid game most likely), a live action film would be a humongous visual achievement in film. Obviously if it's done "correctly" that is. Dante from the game, in my opinion, can make a good transition into film. I mostly agree with what [April 17, 2010] said about his "badass" character. Plus the game has a great story to tell, one that may not be as original as some want it to be, but seriously, what's THAT original these days? Anything and everything takes a little snippet from something else. If not for the story, people will see it because it looks aesthetically amazing, or vise-versa. But hey, whatever floats Hollywoods [sunken] boat.

Santiago said...

I think a movie would be just AWESOME, under the right director and good script, i think it just would be a marvel to see something like that on the big screen...please i encourage the people in charge to THINK THIS THROUGH!!! I WANT TO SEE THAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Are the People that don't want to make thos movie blind he is a hero its like once you See what could happen you change your ways so my opion is to make the movie and take your time and make it as perfect as possible just like the actual book vary graphic and detialed