Monday, 22 February 2010

Computer Games Are ‘Sexualising Children’

That is according to Big Brother psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos. But what isn’t sexualising these days?

The Evening Standard reported that Papadopoulos “criticised computer games containing highly sexual content, such as Miss Bimbo, in which girls compete to accumulate boob jobs in order to marry a billionaire”.

This story was followed up with The Telegraph’s post, this morning which had printed:
“Children are being sexualised from an increasingly early age by computer games, pornography and sex-related slogans, a government report will warn.”
Papadopoulos didn’t focus solely on video games however, she also cast blame on the lad’s mags such as Zoo and Nuts. Her full report will be published by the Home Office in two weeks.

Gamers might be left with Law Suit Larry rather than Leisure Suit Larry if this report is too damning. Sorry, that was pretty bad...

Source: CVG


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