Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Clarification On Proposed Australian Internet Censorship

Kotaku Australia has published an article which sheds light on the situation of Australia’s proposed internet filtering in regards to unclassified material.

The proposal is still in the development stage (and has been for a few years now) but it will include filtering measures which will block ‘nasty’ content from user access; things such as snuff films and child pornography which of course, few will object to. However, these proposals will likely stretch to include gaming even if it is the last area on the agenda for said proposals.

Basically how it will work is that any material such as videos and games that have not been rated will be denied exposure through Australian ISP’s, and this of course means videos, screens and possibly other content that is related to an unclassified media will be blocked out.

Kotaku has learned and explained that only particular sections of a website will need to be blocked following uploads of unclassified content; the whole site won’t be filtered out just for housing content that is deemed unsuitable for Australian eyes and ears, rather direct URLs will be filtered.

What you gamers need to be aware of is that filtering of game media is last on the agenda and will only follow a successful implementation of the aforementioned proposals. Having said that, the idea of filtering the internet remains rather absurd, there are always ways round censorship. So you probably have nothing to worry about (non-Australians obviously don’t), especially if the game you’re after playing/viewing gets a certification, all you might need to be concerned about is getting an 18+ year old to buy it for you.

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