Friday, 19 February 2010

2K Games Announce Civilization V

2K Games has announced they are working on the next instalment of the critically-acclaimed empire-building series "Civilization". Earlier fears by gamers that the free-to-play Facebook version of Civilization had marked the end of the series can now rest easy knowing that the game is in good hands.

However while the franchise will continue, that doesn't mean that Civ 5 will hold to the classic Civilization formula. The game is being built on a brand-new engine, and instead of a tile-based system, the game-map will be hexagonally based.

2K has also promised that the combat system will be an "entirely new" experience, and animated world leaders who will speak in their native tongues. There will also be a strong community hub available in-game, which will allow players to swap their custom maps, missions, and other content without ever leaving the game. With so much promise for this tried-and-true series, it remains to be seen if Civ4 will be able to ride the wave of success like its predecessors.

It's down to release this Fall.

(Thanks Trevor)

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