Monday, 25 January 2010

Iain Duncan Smith Attacks Violent Videogames

The former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith has condemned violent videogames. In an interview with The Times he asserted that it was vital for game ratings to be enforced:
"We are driving children to lose their childhood, and some video games are incredibly violent, like Grand Theft Auto."

“They are meant to be 18 [rated] but nobody cares what it says on the label.”
During the Christmas period the new classification system introduced by PEGI (Pan European Gaming Information) which includes the displaying of larger rating certification was in effect.

However it obviously is doing little to deter the purchases by parents on behalf of their kids; as we recently reported, a survey by MyVoucherCodes revealed that 33% of parents in the UK let their children play violent video games.

A shame Duncan didn’t attack the slack parenting rather than the games. Don’t know about the rest of you gamers but we’re getting rather tired of these nonsensical attacks on gaming. And what is this holy notion of innocence were meant to be protecting? Innocence/ignorance? Same thing in our books.

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