Monday, 4 January 2010

Battle Beat Now Available On Xbox Live Community Games

Battle Beat offers a new experience in instrument-driven gameplay on the Xbox 360 Community Games channel. Stegersaurus Games' research and marketing teams (consisting of two chimps and an iguana, all with Masters degrees) have discovered a thriving market in rhythm gaming.

Daniel "Stegersaurus" Steger has combined this new emergent market with the industry staple of defense strategy games to make a revolutionary innovation in gaming. Battle Beat does away with pretend rockstardom, and puts you in the shoes of a commander in outer space who must be the hero and save your home world!

Using instrument controllers, players coordinate squads of troops to battle over the fate of their nondescript post-apocalyptic home world, fighting off massive hordes of aliens. Battle Beat is designed to use controllers such as those that come with the Guitar Hero or Rock Band franchises (though a normal Xbox 360 controller may be used if desired) to give a fresh experience in rhythm game mechanics.

Stegersaurus Games is a one-man operation in Indie Game development run by Daniel "Stegersaurus" Steger out of his basement/office. Battle Beat is available on the Xbox Live Community Games channel for 400 Microsoft Points.

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