Wednesday, 20 January 2010

£170 Million Spent On Mobile Games In 2009

A National Gamers Survey has shown just how popular mobile gaming is becoming. The impressive figure of mobile gaming revenue - £170 million is a total generated just by Britons.

According to the survey, 85% of the 700,000 iPhone gamers are happy to pay for content such as games. These figures make up the bigger total of 8 million who use their phones to play games. 3.8 million of which pay for games on their phones, whilst 4.2 also play but do not play games you need to pay for.

Sony Ericsson users made up the largest portion of mobile gamers with 2.3 million. Behind them are Nokia and Samsung with 1.8 and 1.5 million gamers respectively.

Whereas 85% of iPhone users pay for games, only 38% of Nokia and Sony Ericsson users do likewise, but 51% of Samsung owners and 41% of LG users do. Peter Warman of commented:
“The iPhone does not have the number of users that other handset brands do, but is extremely good at monetising the popularity of games on mobile phones."

"This has also clearly had its effect on the conversion to paying gamers of the large operators closely related to iPhone.”
Whilst that is true, the iPhone pretty much trumps the others in terms of performance for games, contestable though with the Sony Ericsson.

The ratio of male to female paying gamers was split fairly evenly; 53% were male. Adults made up the larger share of paying gamers with 20 and 34 year olds accounting for 39% of all gamers, and 60% being prepared to pay for the content. Less than half of that was made up of teenagers with just 18% of them being mobile gamers and in regards to paying for content they only made up a quarter of what adults did with 15%.

Few mobile gamers apparently spent very long playing games on their devices however. The survey questioned 13,000 people from the UK, the US, France, Germany and Belgium and was conducted by TNS and

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