Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Square Enix Looking At Browser Based Games Market

Square Enix really are moving away from being that Japanese RPG publisher, with a string of Western development studios under their belt, Western titles, multi-format titles and more it's hardly surprising to hear that President, Yoichi Wada is eyeing up the Browser based games market:
"Social and browser games, which is now a very big genre, is something we have started development into. It is an important area to address because it isn't related to any consoles and doesn't need specific hardware to run it, just applications on the client side."

“I believe that these types of games are going to be spreading and growing dramatically - especially in areas like Asia which does not have much penetration of consoles. The penetration power and destruction capability [of social games] mean it's an area we must tap into.”
Source: Develop

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