Monday, 14 December 2009

PS3 Motion Controller May Be Named 'Gem'

In the UBS annual Global Media Conference in New York, EA CEO John Riccitiello may have leaked the name for the PS3 motion controller. Besides declaring that Mass Effect 2 will be one of the big games next year and that the Battlefield series is expected to compete with Activision’s Call of Duty, when talking about console pricing and innovation he did the following comment:
"In the coming year, both Sony and Microsoft have announced new controllers. Motion sensor controls, Natal and Gem, these are likely to bring new consumers into the marketplace."
Gem, eh? It seems that Riccitiello could have ruined Sony’s surprise and has given the community plenty to rumour about. Good one John! (Sony just can't keep things a secret... - Mark)

Source: IGN

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