Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Playcast Could Be Real Competitor To OnLive

A new service from an Israeli company named Playcast has been announced for streaming videogames online. This service brings the pay TV model into games and has been set to work for on-demand TV operators like BT and Virgin.

This would allow users to gain access directly from your Cable TV provider to videogames besides TV and movies. According to the founders, the service has already been tested successfully on the Israeli Cable Network, Hot and they say, with no latency issues. They have predicted a full release for next year. UK MD of Playcast Media Russell Barash commented:
“If you’re a movie studio, you have your film play in the cinemas, then three months later it’s out on DVD. Three months later again it’s on Sky Box Office, then on Sky Movies, then two years later it’s out on terrestrial. There are six or seven different windows to monetise your product”.

“But if you’re an EA or an Activision, you are restricted by one burst of seven or eight weeks when you release a new game in GAME or HMV before it falls off the cliff. You’ve spent millions of dollars on it, but only one real opportunity to make money back.”.
Another competitor for the unborn OnLive service.

Source: MCV

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