Thursday, 10 December 2009

New PS3 Motion Control Patents Revealed

Much has been heard of Sony’s answer to Natal. Some details for future attachments were revealed out of the US patent office file from last week, which include many crazy shaped add-ons that would make the Wii hang its head in shame.

There are some interesting possibilities for the controller including a sort of flash light attachment, a baseball bat, a microphone... even some maracas! Some other interesting entries are a ‘Biometric Reader’ which would be a thumb reader to identify the person holding the controller (maybe used for parental control among other uses).

A USB reader has also been hinted and many possibilities of connecting two controllers together, like an attachment to form a sort of ‘H’ shape, a connection between the two ‘lightballs’ on the tip and, hold your breath Star Wars fans, a possibility of attaching both controllers by the end as of the likes of a dual Lightsaber. None of these has been confirmed by Sony so maybe many of them won’t make it to the actual market, but we can hope can’t we?

Source: Kotaku

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