Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mass Effect 2 Won't Have Loading Time Lifts

Mass Effect 2’s associate programmer, Thomas Roy has revealed the sequel won't try and trick you with the 'loading lifts' and will instead be honest about it, showing you a regular load screen. However, they're stepping it up by promising “interesting visuals and information” to keep you entertained. BioWare’s Casey Hudson then went on to explain lifts in the sequel:
“The whole ship is so rich and full of things to do. Even better, what used to be slow elevators or slow transitions from one deck to another now is faster transition and it actually is part of the narrative."

“You go to the elevator control and then you see what’s on the elevator control panel as the schematics of the Normandy reveal where you are in the ship, and they show you different decks as you transition. Then all of a sudden you’re there."

“So it makes it an interesting part of the narrative. I find that now, in between missions out in the universe, I come back to the Normandy and I just want to run around and do all the new things and check out the stuff I bought, talk to everybody, because it’s a lot smoother and there’s just so much more to do. I think people will be really excited about that.”
Source: VG

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