Thursday, 3 December 2009

Gears Of War Isn't On Its Way To PS3

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has dashed any rumours floating about that Gears of War is heading to the PS3. Speaking in a recent Podcast, Bleszinski commented:
“Honestly there’s really no plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon, which I can confirm."
Bleszinski also believes that Xbox 360 owners will see Metal Gear Solid arrive on their system before Gears of War goes to PS3:
“Hmm… I would wager that… I know Microsoft is a huge fan of Kojima… I actually have no knowledge on any of this, but my guts as a gamers told me that you would see a Metal Gear Solid game on Xbox 360 before you see a Gears of War game on the PS3.″
Source: KotakuPodcast

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