Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Games Connection Europe Starts Today

The European Games Connection has opened its doors today for videogame professionals in Lyon, France. The event will last until December 10th and its target is for distributors and developers to ‘connect’ in order to create new partnerships and distribution deals.

Over 200 companies (including industry giants like Epic Games and Quantic Dream) are exhibiting their products and IP to try to get a piece of the market. Indie developers get their chance to offer their product to retail (or digital) distributors.

If you are thinking of attending just to watch, however, think again: the visitor price for the 3 days (plus meals) is of 500 Euros... hardly a treat. Pierre Carde, manager of Game Connection commented:
“After almost a year of waiting, the industry seems to be waking up from a freezing period where nobody dared to make any decision and is now ready for a new start. The reduction of the prices of the hardware platforms and the awakening of the major publishers along with the push of new business models (try and buy or freemium) opens the door to growth. This is what the preliminary results from our survey shows.”
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