Monday, 7 December 2009

EverQuest II Producer Details Upcoming Expansion

Alan Crosby, senior producer on EverQuest II has published an open letter to the game's community detailing plans for the game and the upcoming expansion, Will of a Tyrant. Crosby commented:
"Lots going on in the EQII world! We are just about to release our next update, Will of a Tyrant. With this update you are going to see a few hundred lingering bugs fixed in EQII. Some of these bugs date back to launch and are being knocked out before we gear up for the expansion. In fact, we have taken to calling this update our “bug bash” as we pulled out our hammers and smashed them into oblivion."

"As for content in this update, well it is a little lighter than recent updates, and there is a reason for that, well actually a couple of reasons. The first is that it was a shorter cycle for us, with only about two months of time between this update and last. The second is that we are starting to shift many of our resources over to expansion work as that gets closer to launching. In addition, we have some as yet to be announced surprises coming. They’re some rather large features, which we hope will excite many of you. More on those in the months ahead.
The whole wordy thing is at the source for those interested.

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