Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Disney's Robert Iger Wants Tougher Anti-Piracy Laws

Disney CEO Robert Iger has written an open letter to President Obama asking for tougher anti-piracy legislation, and considering Disney own half the media in the world, or just about, you have to think someone is listening... Iger states how the content production industry has lost in excess of 350,000 jobs due to piracy:
"[T]here is a role that government must play to stop piracy on those platforms and services unwilling to police themselves. The confirmation last week by the Senate of Victoria Espinel as the nation's first Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator is a great step. But it's critical she be given the necessary resources to get the job done... The stakes are high in the U.S., and particularly here in Southern California. Millions of Americans create, market and distribute content for a living. If we don't address the piracy threat with vigor, cohesiveness and immediacy, we can't create new jobs. In fact, we'll lose even more."
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Source: PS3Informer

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