Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Chinese Online Gaming Space To Reach 230 Million Players By 2012

Industry research firm, Analysys International has published its predictions that online gaming revenue in China will reach around ¥73.1 billion yuan ($10.7 billion) within three years time.

Research firm Analysys International has predicted that online game revenues in China will hit around ¥73.1 billion yuan ($10.7 billion) within three years time.

The growth is expected due to Internet penetration which is currently at 27% in the country, and revenues for the game industry are predicted hit close to ¥26 billion yuan ($3.8 billion) this year growing 41.2%each year for three years.

Crazy precise predictions. Also, by 2012, the analyst believes the Chinese online gaming sector will have 230 million online gamers compared the existing 69 million players. Considering the entire population of the US is about 309 million people... that's a lot of gamers coming into the online space.

Source: Reuters

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