Monday, 14 December 2009

Capcom Announces Megaman 10

And yet one more. Amazing how a series can remain untouched for so long (its first instalment was in 1987 for the NES) and still have an impressive fanbase. Mega Man games are so numerous its easy to lose count but this game is a sequel of the original series.

The news is that Capcom has officially announced that Megaman 10 will be released although the only confirmed platform is the Wii through the WiiWare service. There is no release date confirmed yet.

The classic action platformer will remain (surprise, surprise!) with the same game mechanic that made the series a classic and the same extreme difficulty for which it has been known after the years. For this time around, Mega Man 10 will allow players to choose from a set of 3 characters that are our old blue friend, Proto Man and the third has to be confirmed by Capcom.

Better get ready to Mega Bust some ass!

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