Monday, 7 December 2009

Can The Zune HD Take On Current Competitors?

Technology website CNET, has been reviewing and debating whether Microsoft’s Zune HD can stand its ground as a gaming console. The real competitors are the PSP, DS and the iPhone which has a great library of games that is updated very regularly. The three aspects which CNET considered strong reasons for its ability to compete were:
• Microsoft has a successful gaming platform already
• Microsoft are best able to compete with iPhone's catalogue of media.
• The Zune HD now plays games (obviously)
Whilst the Zune HD has several things going for it, namely that it has greater compatibility with its online network (Xbox Live) than the other devices, it is not a particularly powerful device and doesn’t wow any more than the iPhone when it comes to games.

However, CNET have concluded that with some little tactical improvements, such as a physical pop out control pad like the new PSP enjoys, it could be a lot stronger a competitor.

Source: Cnet

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