Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Black Mesa Mod Won't Make It This Year

Oh crumbs, it seems we'll never get to play the Black Mesa update mod for Half-Life 2 as the mod's project lead confirmed it won't be available this year:
“Unfortunately, to our great disappointment, Black Mesa will not make a 2009 release. Cynics may now rejoice, bets may be collected, and I think a mod team member has to eat his shoe, but we hope our loyal fans will forgive us and realize that the delay will translate into a better final product that’s (hopefully) more easily available to everyone."

“Once again we apologize for what has to be very disappointing news. We placed a 2009 deadline on ourselves to motivate us and bring this 6 year project to a close. And while we didn’t quite make it, we have come very close, and you can expect a complete, polished game to hit your hard drives in the near future. We’ll be sure and update if anything changes."

“Until then, hang tight, it’s coming.”
We're hanging, as we're sure many others are.

Source: OfficialForums

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