Monday, 14 December 2009

Australian Gamers Get To Vote On 18+ Rated Videogames

Public submissions have been called by the Attorney General Department to see if Australians want to have an R 18+ rating for videogames.

Funny that Michael Atkinson, the man in charge, charged last week against videogames with the following comment:
“This is a question of a small number of very zealous gamers, trying to impose their will on society, and I think harm society. It’s the public interest versus the small vested interest.”

“I accept that 98 per cent or 99 per cent of gamers will tell the difference between fantasy and reality, but the one per cent to two per cent could go on to be motivated by these games to commit horrible acts of violence.”
The catch is that he pretends to be re-elected March this year and after the controversy of these declarations he might want to ease the critics by giving the people a say in the matter.

Any Australian can vote his opinion up until February 28th.

Source: Vooks

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