Thursday, 26 November 2009

Xbox 360 Currently Beating PS3 In Christmas Run Up

UK discount voucher website, claims Microsoft's Xbox 360 is selling 3:1 against Sony's PS3, with the PS3 price-point of £100 more holding it back in these austere times.

Despite Sony’s PlayStation 3 rivalling the more affordable Xbox 360 throughout August and September, with purchases standing at 47%-53% and 45%-55% respectively in Microsoft’s favour, October and November has seen a huge surge by people buying the Xbox console in readiness for Christmas. Recent market share between the two for recent months is below:
Xbox 360: 53%
PS3: 47%

Xbox 360: 55%
PS3: 45%

Xbox 360: 62%
PS3: 38%

Xbox 360: 74%
PS3: 26%
We'll need to see results from other online and high street retailers before the battle for top Christmas console can be fully substantiated.

Source: SourceWire

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