Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Valve Promise Retail Copies Of Left 4 Dead 2 In UK By Friday

Valve has promised UK gamers they'll be able to get a copy of the game by Friday with units on the way into the country right now. Valve moved forward the release date for Left 4 Dead 2 in the UK to coincide with the launch in the US, but not all shipments had arrived in stores in time:
"Due to high demand for L4D2, we decided to move various street dates forward for a coordinated worldwide release—except in the UK, where this was not possible (copies of the game are still arriving)."

"The good news is that we plan to have everyone in the UK playing Left 4 Dead 2 by Friday morning. Those who pre-ordered in the UK before the worldwide launch have been given access to the game."
Always a good thing to say, 'due to high demand'.

Source: Valve

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