Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Today's Games Need Persistance To Survive

Speaking at an event in Dundee, Scottish based developer, Ruffian Games has stated that to survive today's market, games need a reason to stay in your disc drive. Ruffian producer James Cope commented:
“If you’re doing that you’re onto a winner. We play games online, and we want to bring that element of quick skirmish action. We always thought Crackdown was perfect for online and always wanted to do it like this."
The developer is currently working on Crackdown 2 and will continue to do so next year:
“As a company, we’ve got a really strong belief in staying as a single project company. We feel that enables us to make the best games possible."

“We’re not putting people with really great skills in the position of having to manage multiple things. You always get that situation where one game, one project, becomes more important than the other and you dilute your key staff across that. We want to stay incredibly focused on making really great core action games. That’s where the future of the company is.”
Source: GI

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