Monday, 30 November 2009

Street Fighter IV Champion Not Threatened By Anyone

An interview with Street Fighter IV World Champion, Daigo Umehara reveals he has a philosophical view on his success and that competition's are losing their enjoyment with no competitor really offering any real threat to his title:
“Right now, there’s nobody younger than me that I feel threatened by. I haven’t met anyone that I felt possesses the skill to surpass me in the future. I’m not over-evaluating myself. I can analytically see their weakness, their ineptitudes."

“When I look at a younger player, I can spot his weakness, like ‘his such-and-such is disadvantageous for fighting gameplay’. Everyone I’ve ever played has some fatal flaw. But you know, personally I enjoy being a challenger more than a titleholder."

“I definitely would welcome a supreme character’s arrival. When he appears, gaming for me will become fun again.”
I challenged him but he took one look at my terrible record and declined.

Source: EG

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