Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sony Celebrates Three Years Of PlayStation Network

Sony is celebrating three years of PlayStation Network this week, SCEA's Patrick Seybold commented:
“We are extremely proud that in just three years into its lifecycle, PlayStation 3 and the unmatched digital offerings of PlayStation Network have helped to redefine the connected home entertainment experience. From a tremendous lineup of blockbuster titles, to Blu-ray movies and games, to access to a library of thousands of movies, TV shows and games on the PlayStation Store, no other system on the market today delivers a more complete entertainment experience or a better value than PS3."

“With the continuing addition of new features such as Netflix and Facebook integration, highly anticipated break-out games like MAG and God of War III on the horizon, and the on-going evolution of connected experiences through PlayStation Network, we’ve only just begun scratch the surface.”
Source: Internal

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