Friday, 20 November 2009

Rage Will Feature Some Classic id Software Known Weapons

id Software's Creative Director on Rage, Tim Willits has revealed the upcoming post-apocalyptic FPS/combat racing hybrid title will feature many of the developer's classic, well known weapons:
"Rage will feature many of the classic id Software weapons of the past, along with some new and unique Rage weapons as well. We are focusing not only on great weapons, but on engineering items that will add to the variety of gameplay. We will also have multiple ammo types available for a number of the weapons."

"Rage also has an economy where you are allowed to choose how you spend your money earned through combat and racing. You might decide you love the wingstick (a boomerang-cum-shuriken weapon) and stock up on them, or you may feel inclined to purchase parts to build more sentry bots or to keep your armour upgraded and repaired."
Source: NowGamer

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