Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pitchford: "id Software And Crytek Weren't Prepared For Long Console Generation"

Speaking to the Official Xbox Magazine, Gearbox Software boss, Randy Pitchford has said he doesn't believe developers like Crytek and id Software aren't prepared for this long generation of consoles:
“Anyone that built their strategies around the last generation timing, and is trying to employ those strategies today, is either being forced to adapt very quickly or is risking failure."

“Some people have invested a lot going to a place that’s too far, and the customers aren’t ready for that yet because they don’t have the hardware for it. And so they can’t find the market. I was thinking of Crytek, they couldn’t find a market because they made a game [Crysis] that very few people could play. I’m not putting words in their mouth, I remember reading something publicly where they said they couldn’t put this on consoles because of the hardware…"

“It’s not just Crytek who misjudged it. We see the id guys talking continuously about this, [with Rage] – ‘well, Sony will have a Blu-Ray and I don’t know what we’ll do on the 360, maybe we’ll have three DVD’s… if the publisher will let us do that, maybe we’ll errrrahh I dunno.’ Because they’re in this kind of “generation plus” mode, and like nobody knows what the generation beyond this one is going to look like.”
Source: OXM

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