Monday, 16 November 2009

OnLive Will Run On Mobile/Cell Phones

Speaking during a Wedbush financial conference, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman commented on the implementation of the OnLive service on mobile phones:
“Today, at a Wedbush financial conference in New York I showed OnLive running simultaneously on 2 iPhones, a TV, and a computer. What is really cool is that all 4 devices had access to the full OnLive Game Service, so they could play the same games, spectate on each other’s (and Beta users’) game play, watch Brag Clips, check out Gamer Profiles, etc."

“That said, it’s important to understand that a cell phone is a very different beast than TV, PC or Mac. And while we’re thrilled about eventually bringing many new games to cell phone platforms, currently, games on OnLive are tuned for TVs and computers. So initially, it’s the Community and Social elements of OnLive that we’re most excited about on mobile devices."
Source: OfficialBlog

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