Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mass Effect 2 Team Moving Straight Onto DLC Work After Game Launch

More promises of decent downloadable content as Mass Effect 2 project director, Casey Hudson has revealed the entire development team for the game will move onto downloadable content duties once the game is released:
“As part of trying to build the game, as ambitious as it was, one of the things we weren’t able to do technically was to have the support in the game itself for certain kinds of downloadable content. So, it had to be a huge pack or nothing essentially was the issue. Now we’ve gone through and made sure that its technically possible to do a whole range of different kinds of downloads."

“Once we’re done working on Mass Effect 2, pretty much the whole team switches into working on really cool downloadable content. That’s where we like to listen to what fan feedback is for ‘where do you want to go’ and ‘what kinds of things do you want to see.’”
Wicked. It's set to release on on Xbox 360 and PC in January next year.

Source: GTTV

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