Friday, 27 November 2009

Marvellous Galaxy Now Available On Xbox Live Community Games

Darix Studios has released "Marvelous Galaxy", a turn-based strategy game now available on Xbox Live. In this title are combined hilarious and dangerous stages with a intricate strategy which will make all your neurons get to work. The player can make and command his own robot-army to confront the aliens and conquer all maps along that marvellous galaxy.

There are included two single modes: Single Player and Fight Now; and also a multiplayer mode (2-4 players)in which you must choose to ally or not to ally with the other players to win aliens and conquer all planets you find. No much time two play? Then Fight Now is your game mode: choose your units (robots, aliens or both), choose enemies and get ready to the combat. It's only 80 Microsoft Points too.

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