Monday, 23 November 2009

Gravity Crash Releases Tomorrow On PlayStation Network

The lyrics of the song by Odyssey "Kicking off my boots getting back to my roots" come to mind as this old skool 80's style game is released by publisher, Just Add Water under Sony tomorrow.

Like Marmite not to everyone's taste but I do like what these guys are trying to do here. As an avid gamer throughout 80's myself I reminisce back to the many hours spent in front of games like Gravity crash.

The game, inspired by classic shooters such as Gravitar, Thrust and Oids, features old-school 80s retro gameplay, married with high definition for current day love of accessible, user generated content and shiny, explosive graphic effects.

There’s also three multi-player modes including race, salvage and deathmatch, along with 5 galaxies to explore in single player mode. Gravity Crash will be available priced as follows:
  • U.S.A: $ 9.99
  • Europe: € 7.99
  • U.K: £ 6.29"
Source: Official

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