Tuesday, 24 November 2009

GCHQ Recruiting Future Spies Over Xbox Live

GCHQ a UK intelligence agency are to use advertising over Xbox Live to target “quick-thinking 18-34 year olds”.

GCHQ operates at a national security level and is similar to MI5 and MI6 and will be running a 6 week long campaign working with TMP, a recruitment firm, to co-ordinate it. Live users can expect to see advertisements on the dashboard and supposedly in-game via scrolling banners. Though exact methods to be used have yet to be announced.

The Xbox Live demographic closely matches the age range which GCHQ are trying to appeal to and as gamers also exhibit what GCHQ spokesperson called “quick thinking, problem solving, and teamwork” they will make an ideal target audience.

As GCHQ are fairly unknown to the public it may prove a rather covert and innovative way to recruit new members. Hopefully users will not be targeted during gameplay; it would likely have the adverse effect to generating interest in the company rather than frustration.

Source: Geeks

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