Friday, 27 November 2009

Gamers Buy Xbox 360 And PS3 Consoles For Multiplayer Experience

F1 2009 producer, James Wakelam has stated that people buy an Xbox 360 or PS3 for the multiplayer experience and commented on why Codemasters didn't include online multiplayer in the Wii version of the game:
“We decided not to introduce any online components for these two platforms. We wanted to focus on what we thought were the main reasons people bought these consoles. Had we been working on PS3 or Xbox, these online multiplayer would have been a given because that is absolutely why people buy those consoles."

"On PSP we were mindful that when playing a handheld is not the same as playing in your living room… multiplayer is present in the form of local Wi-fi. You can play an entire season in two-player or quick races in four-player."

"It’s not that these consoles are not capable of providing a good online multiplayer experience, but we asked ourselves ‘Are people that buy a Wii interested in playing online’. Some certainly are, but for the most part they are looking for a social experience that can involve all of the family."

“So we opted for split screen multiplayer in Wii and worked hard to make sure we cater for all skill levels.”
Source: SquareGo

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