Wednesday, 25 November 2009

EA Montreal Focusing On Bigger And Better Titles

Wow, in spite of losing money and closing studios, EA looks to be turning away from the easy money options of Wii game development as EA Montreal’s general manager, Alain Tascan reveals the studio is going for more attention to detail in bigger titles:
“The Wii market is a little bit unpredictable these days. We’re going to see how Christmas is going to do and while with the Wii we have had very successful titles, we are going to focus on big, blockbuster-type titles."

“It doesn’t mean that we are going to abandon the Wii, but as a studio we want to be ready for new challenges."

“I feel right now our label wants to focus on fewer and bigger things, and the market is going through this soft transition where people want these very high value productions on one side, which is our speciality within the games label, but also this casual, but high quality, product that they can play quickly, of which mobile is one part and Playfish is another. We’re just trying to adapt to the reality of today."

“I think the market is showing that if you don’t adapt fast enough then you’ll be in trouble.”
Source: Edge

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