Friday, 20 November 2009

Denise Kaigler Steps Down From Nintendo

Woah, if you haven't heard already, Nintendo of America's Denise Kaigler has stepped down from her position as vice president of corporate affairs at Nintendo America in order to spend more time with her family. Kaigler commented in a statement:
"It’s a fact of life that job and family often pull us in opposite directions. As regular readers of this feature know, this has proved particularly challenging for me, as I’ve spent the last two years commuting almost constantly between San Francisco, Seattle, New York and my home in New England. It has been a fantastic adventure, but the time has come where I need to choose one over the other … and I have to choose my family."

"During my time at Nintendo I have developed friendships with so many wonderful people, from my co-workers to people I have interacted with along the way, including reporters, bloggers and video game fans like all of you. Those memories simply can’t be replaced, and I will take them with me. What I leave behind is a great team that will continue to tell the story of Nintendo’s pipeline of wonderful products."

"There are hundreds of people I hope I will run across again – and trust that I will. So instead of considering this “game over,” I look at my choice as really just finishing one level … and moving on to the next."

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions and talk so directly with Nintendo’s fans. For now, my “Minute” is up."
Good for her, she's doing what everyone wants to do. Nintendo wished her luck on the way:
“Denise Kaigler has been a valuable part of the Nintendo of America team for the last two years. She’s made a personal decision to spend more time with her family in New England. We wish her all the best in this next chapter of her life, and we look forward to continuing to deliver great Nintendo experiences to people of all ages as we head into this holiday season”.
Source: IGN

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