Friday, 27 November 2009

Avatar The Game Is Overly Advanced

James Cameron’s highly anticipated new film Avatar is set for release on December 18th which promises a fantastic spectacle as does its game counterpart. Avatar: The Game will be in UK stores on December 4th, a date too soon however for gamers to be able to enjoy its 3D goodness.

Whilst stereoscopic functionality has been enjoyed by some PC users for a while it is something very new for console gamers who generally tend to use televisions rather than monitors. This is very unfortunate for the impending release of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game as Cameron has apparently worked very closely with Ubisoft on making it as much a visual spectacle as the film. The issue of course is that barely any televisions in retail have the 3D capability which the games 3D option requires.

Which then raises the question as to why the 3D function was included? Ubisoft have stated that they intend on being at the forefront of 3D gaming though many more titles will likely have 3D offerings closer to the time when they can actually be enjoyed. Perhaps the fact that James Cameron, who is renowned for his perfectionist style (or “rightist” style as he often retorts) had an intimate relationship with the game’s development meant that Ubisoft had to obey certain strict requirements from the Director. Having said that, judging by the leading T.V. manufacturer’s movements, the capacity for 3D in televisions is looking to be a much more prevalent aspect come spring time 2010. Thus, providing the game has a long enough shelf life, gamers might enjoy the game in all its glory soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Well done to them for helping to push the industry in that direction

Anonymous said...

I agree. The industry is getting a bit stagnant with the consistent offerings of FPS's and TPS's..... We need something refreshing. Hopefully this and Natal will provide some innovative gaming that will keep the industry refreshing...