Tuesday, 8 September 2009

UK PS3 Slim Release Increases Hardware Sales By 999%

UK retail watchers, Chart-Track has released sales data showing an explosion in hardware sales for Sony as the PS3 Slim sells ridiculous numbers:
  • PS3 is shown as ‘+999%’ over week 35. The system is set to display +999% when it encounters huge increases, so the actual increase in PS3 unit hardware sell-through is around 11X - so 11 times what PS3 was selling the previous week. Obviously people have been waiting for PS3 Slim.
  • 360 is up +29% over the same time period.
  • PS3 is the lead format in week 36 and is outselling 360/DS Lite/Wii (not combined, individually - they were all selling around the same amount in week 36) by approx 3:1.
  • PS3 is the lead hardware format for week 36, 2009 and the last time it did this was back in week 1, 2008.
  • PS3 software sales have increased by 17% (units) over week 35 to claim 3rd place in terms of software format units behind 360 & Wii (up from 4th place in week 35).
  • PS3 software sales have increased by 5% (value) over week 35 to remain 2nd by value behind 360 (was also No2 in week 35, up from No4 in week 34).
You read that right, a 999% increase in sales.

Source: VG247

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