Thursday, 17 September 2009

Spore Creature Creator Goes 2D

Spore Spore Spore

The revolutionary Spore Creature Creator is going 2-D! Maxis has announced Spore Creature Creator 2-D, a new Flash application where players experience an all new take on the variety and creative fun offered by the original 3-D Spore Creature Creator.

Now available for free at, players can create a creature from scratch or import a creature from the Sporepedia, the library of 120+ million pieces of user-generated content in Spore. Five legs or ten, bat wings or horns; there are no limits to what users create. Once players have created their 2-D creature, they can embed it onto their social networking pages, and share it with friends via email. Spore Creature Creator 2-D takes creature-creating to new heights by making it a social, shared experience.

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