Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sony Expected More Negative Retailers On PSPgo

Sony PSP Go Sony PSP Go Sony PSP Go

PSP UK product manager Claire Backhouse has commented on specific retailers refusing to stock the PSPgo and revealed Sony expected more negative reactions from retailers, and got less than expected:
“We were very aware of concerns when we went into it and I actually expected a lot more negative responses than we actually got."

“They were really quite fine with it. They see it as a way of getting people into the store because it’s new interest, a new product. And they’ve had such strong sales as well of PSP 3000 almost off the back of it.”
Launching a product and expecting a lot of people to hate it, good move. It launches tomorrow. EA Australia aren't stocking it, and neither is Dutch retailer, Nedgame.

Source: GI

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