Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Schafer Would Love To See Brutal Legend And Pyschonauts Sequels

DoubleFine's Tim Schafer has said he'd like to see sequels of both, Brutal Legend and Pyschonauts, and he's probably not alone, on Brutal Legend:
“That would be great. I would love that. There’s a lot of story. When I do a game, I usually do a lot of backstory and research and stuff. There was a big epic story that we were only able to tell a small part of. There’s definitely more stories to tell in the world of Brütal Legend. We’ll have to wait and see.”
On Psychonauts:
“That’d be awesome, wouldn’t it? I think that would be awesome. I love that game and I would love to do something with it someday. If the fans keep talking about it, maybe it will happen.”
Source: Shack

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