Thursday, 24 September 2009

RedLynx Happy With Trials HD Sales

Trials HD developer RedLynx, has commented on the game's sales on Xbox Live Arcade and is proud of the 300,000 sales so far. CEO Tero Virtala commented:
“We’re a smaller, 25-person multiplatform studio, and for us this is an excellent example of how digital download space opens up significant opportunities that might not otherwise be available for creative and talented smaller teams."
Virtala also said the studio was working hard on downloadable content for the game and was reluctant to reveal anything of new projects:
“First things first. We are still very strongly working on DLC for Trials HD. It’s gonna be a great package. No exact date yet set, will keep you updated! We’ll first make sure it’s gonna be a really good pack.”
Source: CVG

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