Tuesday, 8 September 2009

PSP Dev Kits May Eventually Become Free To Developers

SCEE’s Zeno Colaco has commented that development kits for Sony's PSP may eventually become free to developers, as it currently costs $1,500 per kit compared to the iPhone dev kit, which is free:
“Further down the line, we may investigate a totally free model or supported model. Right now, we’re looking for a good portfolio of games. Unlike with the App Store, we’re looking to support everyone that develops for us, instead of leaving developers out in the wilderness. We’re not immediately interested in giving developers free access and no help."

“There are dangers in having total open access; having six thousand applications where probably only thirty are discovered by the consumer. Some of the developers working on the App Store and PSP Minis tell us that they prefer our approach because they get more visibility."

“Our focus isn’t directed straight towards the App Store. We acknowledge that we’ll be competing in that space, and I think at some point we’ll give developers access that allows things to move down that route."

“First and foremost, we at Sony need to develop Minis as its own category.”
Source: Develop

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