Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Phil Spencer Defends Decision To Move Crackdown 2 Development

Microsoft Games Studios head Phil Spencer has defended the company's decision to hand over development of Crackdown 2 to start up studio, Ruffian Games, from the original game's developer, RealTime Worlds:
“It would have been easy to chase the money but, again, I wanted to make sure that anything we work on is correctly nurtured. We had to find the right team who really understood what game it is – and that was Billy and the team at Ruffian."

“We own the Crackdown IP and we could have just found another developer out there and done something called Crackdown 2 but as you and others know, it’s one of my favourite games of all time; so I personally wanted it to be special if we went ahead with a sequel."

"If there was anyone that was a stickler about commissioning a new one, it was me. I didn’t want to just turn the crank.”
Source: Develop

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