Monday, 21 September 2009

Large Development Teams Can Be Difficult

During his keynote speech at GDC Austin last week, BioWare technical director Bill Dalton commented on working with such a large development team and the difficulties that can arise:
“For any game these days, we have very large teams. For MMOs, in particular, we have a lot of stuff going on. Everything everybody does is challenging. Producing the art, source code… So what do we do? I think it helps to understand what the different customers you have, as a technical worker on the game, are."

“It’s great in the early days to run wild and free. You need to avoid getting panic-stricken over the fact that you’re not generating game content, however, at some point, you really do need to say ‘This is it, this is how the game’s going to get delivered and we can’t be messing around with that stuff anymore’.”
There's more over at the source to read into.

Source: Gama

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