Monday, 28 September 2009

Inspiration For Toriko In The Last Guardian Came From E.T.

Team ICO boss, Fumito Ueda has revealed that the creature design in The Last Guardian coming to PS3 took some inspiration from E.T. and how the TGS 09 trailer was focused on Toriko and his natural movements:
“I have many obviously. To name two, E.T. and My Neighbour Totoro. We’ve also looked at the charm and qualities of different animals, but not only that – we’ve focused on the wild behaviour of these animals as well."

“The natural expressions of an animal. With Shadow of the Colossus and its console, PlayStation 2, we were limited as to what we could achieve. We had to cut out an incredible volume of information. Now we don’t have to do that anymore.

"Everything’s expressed naturally, even the movement of the eyes. If the object of attention moves, so do the eyes of the characters following it. We’re also able to express for the first time, thanks to the new hardware, the ferocious behaviour of wild animals. I hope we did a good job on that.”
Source: Vandal

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