Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Gaikai Having Closed BETA This Month In Europe

Dave Perry has confirmed his Cloud Based games service, Gaikai will have a closed BETA in Europe this month, with plans for the US afterwards:
“Over 30,000 people have already signed up to help test and many came from Europe, they were really bummed that they would be left out of our launch plans."

“Gaikai is all about reaching a massive audience, so we are embracing Europe right away.”

“After we choose the hardware configuration in Europe, our next phase will be our USA Nationwide Network Test, that will be using 8 Tier-1 Data Centers, getting hammered by Closed Beta testers."

“During that process, will be identifying the other data centers we need to include to blanket the USA in a low latency array. Phase 2 of that is Europe, in exactly the same test.”
Source: Internal

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