Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Forza 3 Hasn't Maxed Out The Xbox 360

Forza 3 director Dan Greenawalt has rubbished thoughts that the game maxes out the Xbox 360's capabilities:
“Have we maxed out the 360? Of course not. It’s a really powerful system.”

“When it comes to hardware you always use 100 percent. Even to make a little arcade game, you’d use 100 percent of the hardware.

“But when you’re first party, and when you’ve got a really clever development staff that’s world class, hired from all over the industry, then you learn tricks. It’s like Tetris.”
Make sense. Photo realistic Forza 4 please. The game itself is set to release on October 23rd. There's a demo of it to check out on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Source: VG

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