Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Explains Level System

Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka has commented on the upcoming MMO's level system, similar to that of Ultima Online and believes it will make sense to players:
“From MMO history, from the beginning, [games like] Ultima Online had a similar, skill-based system, so we do believe it will make sense to our players."

“What we’re trying to provide to our players is flexibility. They don’t have to stick to one job: by providing this system they’ll be able to enjoy a variety of classes.”

“This time it’s not going to be just by killing monsters that you’ll gain experience points, but by using the weapon you hold in your hand, you’ll gain skills for that class. So, if you change your weapon you’ll change your class. You can change your class even between the battles; not during the battles.”
It's due for release sometime next year folks.

Source: VG247

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