Thursday, 24 September 2009

Eidos Announces Prey In The Darkness Map Pack

Eidos has announced the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack, a new downloadable map pack offering two additional Challenge Maps for Batman: Arkham Asylum. The new content will be available in the UK from September 24th as a free download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

In the ‘Heart of Darkness’ FreeFlow Combat map, players will battle a mob of relentless and maniacal enemies at the Arkham Pumping Station. Even the most seasoned Batman: Arkham Asylum player will enjoy stepping into the boots of Batman to take down increasingly difficult waves of insane inmates. In the ‘Hothouse Prey’ Invisible Predator map, players will have to rely on their Predator instincts to silently and effectively take down enemies at the Abandoned Glasshouse.

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